2nd Sep 2020

Turn your Commercial Waste into Cash as part of the NEW Circular Economy initiative from Low Carbon Kent & LoCASE...

Started by Martin White

Upcycle Your Waste

Low Carbon Kent & Kent County Council are looking for forward thinking businesses to help kick start and build a Collaborative Circular Economy in Kent! Business waste is often an expensive headache to get rid of, but may in fact be someone else's raw material!

SMEs in particular experience difficulties in adopting circular practices, due to limited organisational, technical and financial capacity. Only 25% of SME waste is currently repurposed. There is growing demand from SMEs for:

-Knowledge of their waste streams and corresponding circular business cases
-Demonstrated solutions and tools to improve resource efficiency
-Better cooperation among companies to organise sufficient scale and develop processes to upcycle waste

Local authorities and business park managers can enable SMEs at local level to join this transition by facilitating SMEs to build their knowledge base, get organised & incorporate circular business cases and waste processing practices.

The objective of Upcycle Your Waste is to accelerate the adoption of circular business cases by SMEs that transform waste flows into resources at local level. We aim to achieve this by developing and introducing knowledge, tools and facilities that enable SMEs and local authorities to make this transition.

The overall result of the project is an increased adoption of circular business cases by SMEs in the partner areas, quantified as:

-360 SMEs adopting circular business cases
-20% of the pre-existing waste stream being upcycled on a structural basis.

To find out more about this exciting circular economy initiative in Kent, please contact the Sustainable Business Team at KCC on


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