9th Mar 2023

SME Climate Hub launches new FREE emissions reporting tool...

Started by Martin White

New reporting tool and guidelines are now available on the SME Climate Hub.

The SME Climate Hub has launched a new reporting tool to help businesses keep track of reductions in carbon emissions as part of their commitment to the UN's 'Race to Zero' campaign.

Available FREE to all businesses signed up to the SME Climate Hub commitment to reducing carbon emissions by half by 2030, businesses will now be required to publish a yearly carbon emissions report to maintain their commitment to the SME Climate.

Businesses will be asked to report annual greenhouse gas emissions, list actions taken to reduce business and value chain emissions, and provide comments on progress. The reporting tool is based on the simplified disclosure framework for SMEs developed by CDP, Exponential Roadmap Initiative and Normative and provides a public and downloadable report that businesses can use in their public communications and annual reports.

Reporting also provides businesses with the opportunity to start sharing their climate action progress with customers, financers and other stakeholders, helping set your business ahead of the curve.

Find out more and get started on your carbon reduction journey here;


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