12th Apr 2023

Solar Together - Group Buying Programme. Register your interest...

Started by Martin White

Register your interest for the next group-buying for solar scheme locally to you!

How does it Work?
The Solar Together scheme works as follows;

1. Register for free and without obligation
When you register online for your complete solar PV system, you will be asked questions about your house, roof, and your electricity usage. If you are registering for battery storage only, you will be asked about your current solar PV system and electricity usage. If you don’t know the exact figures for your roof size or electricity usage, we can help you estimate with industry or local averages. You can enter more accurate information when you have it.

2. Auction
The auction is a reverse auction, meaning the lowest bid wins. The winning bid sets the price for all solar systems and battery systems. All installers are pre-vetted and must comply with criteria to guarantee the quality of the offer.

3. Personal recommendation
After the auction, you will receive a personal recommendation which will include information about the winning supplier and your complete package, costs and savings. This information is for you to consider, if you have more questions you can always contact the Solar Together help desk.

4. You decide
After you have received your personal recommendation, you will have six weeks to decide whether you want to accept it or not.
If you choose to go ahead with Solar Together, we will ask you for a £150 deposit. This deposit is conditionally refundable.

Register your interest Today!
Register for free and without obligation today for the group-buying scheme.


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