28th Jun 2023

Climate Change Committee - 2023 Progress Report to Parliament on the UK Government’s progress to date in reducing emissions.

Started by Martin White

This year saw the release of new detail on the Government’s plans for Net Zero with the publication of the Carbon Budget Delivery Plan (CBDP) prompted by last year’s High Court judgement. But policy development continues to be too slow and our assessment of the CBDP has raised new concerns. Despite new detail from Government, our confidence in the UK meeting its medium-term targets has decreased in the past year. The increased transparency embodied in the CBDP is welcome, but a key opportunity to raise the overall pace of delivery has been missed.

The rate of emissions reduction will need to significantly increase for the UK to meet its 2030 NDC and the Sixth Carbon Budget. If the UK is to achieve its NDC, the rate of emissions reduction outside the electricity supply sector must almost quadruple, from 1.2% annual reductions to 4.7%

Read the full Report Here


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