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11th Jul 2023

Green Business Hub Appointment as Accreditied Supplier on Kent County Council's Low Carbon Dynamic Purchasing System...

Started by Martin White

LASER, Kent County Council’s energy group, has established a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) of potential consultants and suppliers to help public bodies in achieving their low or zero carbon aspirations.

This new DPS service is entitled Zero Carbon – Consult, Design and
Install - Reference Number DN535888.

The DPS is divided into 4 Lots:
• Lot 1 Site survey and modelling
• Lot 2 Energy/Sustainability management consultancy
• Lot 3 Technological solutions consultancy
• Lot 4 Technological solutions delivery

In-order for suppliers to be awarded a place on the DPS they have satisfied initial requirements and provided details of their experience and ability across one or more of the DPS specialisms.

Within LOT 2, Energy/Sustainability Management Consultancy - Green Business Hub are accreditied to provide Supply Chain and/or Lifecycle Carbon Footprint Analysis.

We are able to provide expert advice and specialisms to analyse and measure carbon lifecycle or emissions resulting from public bodies’ supply chains e.g., GHG Protocol Scope 3 emissions. This may include examination of embodied carbon in infrastructure type projects such as roads and buildings.

For more information about the LASER dynamic purchasing system and how to access this service , please visit;


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