4th Feb 2021

Sustainability Goals Good for your Business?

Started by Martin White

Sustainability means different things to different people. It can also seem very complicated and confusing, especially if you wish to improve the sustainability of your SME business in order to make it future proof, viably profitable for the 21st Century. You may be tempted to think it is something best left to big business and global international corporations.

However, in 20 minutes I can help you, in a straightforward process, assess which of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are relevant to your business and gauge how you are performing. Where action is suggested, we can then go on to identify appropriate targets and devise an achievable plan to implement them. We can also gain independent recognition, if that is considered beneficial to your business.

Here is the link to the UN Sustainable Development Goals Clicking on each SDG icon will reveal further information behind the goal. You may find this useful as a starting point to help shape your own priorities.
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