25th May 2021

Renewing Britain: The changing landscape of home-grown energy 2008 – 2021

Started by Martin White

The UK's existing 27m housing stock accounts for around 35% of total UK energy consumption and around 20% of total UK Co2 emissions.

From 2025 the Government has proposed a ban on all new traditional gas/oil fired central heating systems as we move towards our 2050 legally binding objective of zero net carbon.

In addition, in April 2021 the government set an even tighter target of reducing our carbon emissions by 78% (against 1990 levels) as early as 2035.

The 'micro' renewables energy and insulation market therefore represents a huge new commercial opportunity therefore for the UK's network of heating, renewables and insulation installers (fabric first!), with home owner/house builder demand set to increase exponentially!

To put that into perspective, in 2020 around 22,000 domestic heat pumps were installed through MCS accredited installers. By 2028 to hit Government targets, this will need to rise to 600K! Small businesses therefore need to 'step up to the plate' to meet this future demand and begin to tailor their portfolio product offering and expertise to meet this need today if we are to avoid a chronic skills set shortage.

In Kent for example there are only 10 registered Microgeneration Certification Scheme approved businesses currently operating in this sector.

MCS has pioneered the installation of small-scale renewable energy technology across Great Britain and while we have been raising consumer confidence to invest in home-grown energy, we’ve also been monitoring uptake over the last 14 years.

This report outlines the journey since 2007 and shows the dramatic change in the landscape for low carbon technologies over the past 14 years. Crucially, it also provides us with insight to shape the future, showcases the many opportunities that are now open to us, and highlights the long-term policy framework needed from government to enable the sector to flourish.

We believe that small-scale renewables must play a crucial role in tackling the climate emergency and greening Britain's homes. Through raising consumer confidence and a supportive government policy framework, small-scale renewables can become the norm, and not the exception.

That’s why we work to create a future where every UK home and business has renewable energy sources installed – supporting the growth of the sector, ensuring quality and helping deliver the government’s commitment to Net Zero carbon emissions.

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