18th Aug 2022

STEM - Steps to Environmental Management Silver Level Workshop – Fri October 14th

Started by Martin White

The STEM scheme helps businesses to improve their environmental performance - and for smaller businesses in particular is a useful framework and accreditation towards achieving 'net zero'.

STEM has 3 levels - blue, silver and gold. These levels correspond to the 3 phases of the National Standard BS 8555.

Each level takes about 4 months to complete and we estimate that businesses can reach gold level in around 12 months. Some businesses may be able to achieve this faster if they have already started improving their environmental performance.

A business that has top management support for its environment programme and has carried out a baseline assessment of their current situation.

STEM Silver
A business that has measured its carbon footprint and taken action to reduce it. The business has identified the resources, legal requirements, training and communications needed for its environmental programme.

A business that is measuring and monitoring its environmental impacts and has taken action to reduce them. The business has reported its progress to Low Carbon Kent and other stakeholders.

In this SILVER session, we will build on the basics from the BLUE level workshop/training and cover the following topics:

• Assuring compliance obligations are met

• Setting objectives and targets

• Measuring environmental performance

• Establishing methods of communication & training

• Agreeing your roles and responsibilities

You’ll have the chance to share views and experiences with others, learn a bit more about new opportunities which might be relevant to your operations and ultimately prepare you for moving to the next stage of improving your environmental performance. There’ll also be the chance to learn about other support available to you in the region.

To be eligible please ensure you have completed the STEM Blue workshop first before moving onto STEM Silver.

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