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Safeguarding our Environment one Choice at a time... Our Green Business Hub business purpose can be defined simply as; Helping safeguard our environment through informing businesses and consumers and encouraging them to adopt more sustainable practices and choices. Through our consultancy services, and working 1-1 with businesses, we are able to help signpost you towards funding, advice, resources and crucially greater understanding to guide your business on it's journey towards sustainability and 'Net Zero'. Our Green Business Hub media & marketing platform helps make it easier for all of us - as individuals and businesses - to ‘go green’ with our everyday purchasing decisions. We are a network of environmentally focused businesses that are invested in ‘going green’ and want to collaborate, work together and refer work to each other. Our focus is on delivering tangible 'value add' to businesses on a commercial level through direct business introductions and by promoting your content and product/service offering in the marketplace - connecting you with potential customers in the process... Crucially, ‘Green Business Hub’ brings businesses and consumers who have a shared green or sustainability objective - either as buyer or supplier - together in one place to do business!

Products & Services

Full Showcase

Our Full Showcase profile presents your potential customers with a full description of your business, products or services, with clear contact buttons allowing them to get in touch easily. With added creative functionality, businesses can upload their company/product video, promote up to 5 individual products and/or services and appear bi-annually as a LIVE studio guest on our ‘Biz Connect’ radio show. Ideal for businesses who need the ultimate in creativity and exposure to fully promote the sustainability and environmental ‘value’ of what they do through their product and service offering.

Mini Showcse

Our Mini Showcase offers businesses a more condensed profile, but still with many of the same overall benefits. Company introduction (minus video & hero image) and individual product/services features (up to max 3) with supporting images are a given, as is access to our Community page for you to post your latest news and promotional call to action/content for us to promote through social media. Whilst we won’t be able to invite you onto our radio show, you’ll still benefit from an ongoing push from our side to ensure your business gets noticed and generates those all important new enquiries.

Standard Entry

Our Standard Entry profile listing is just that – a more basic summary of your company and the green products and services you provide. This profile is ideal for businesses with perhaps a single product or service offering that speaks for itself and needs little explaining. Perhaps competing in a more commodotised ‘mass’ market with a focus on price sensitivity, our Standard Entry profile enables businesses to still be seen as an integral part of our environmentally focused business community.

'Net Zero' Consultancy & Advice

Is your business coming under increasing pressure from customers to adapt and embrace more sustainable working practices? This can be quite daunting! We offer businesses practical help and advice with; -Initial Carbon Footprint Audits -Net Zero Strategy & Planning -Green Procurement -Grant Funding Advice email us at: martin@greenbusinesshub.eco.

'Net Zero' Supply Chain Procurement Help

In August 2021 the Government published it's Procurement Policy Note 06/21 – Taking Account of Carbon Reduction Plans in the procurement of major government contracts. Contracting Authorities may verify that the supplier remains committed to achieving Net Zero prior to entering into any contract awarded under a framework agreement. It goes on to state that organisations should take action to apply this PPN when procuring goods and/or services and/or works with an anticipated contract value above £5 million per annum (excluding VAT) and which are subject to the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. As part of assessing a supplier’s technical and professional ability, Organisations should include, as a selection criterion, a requirement for bidding suppliers to provide a Carbon Reduction Plan confirming the supplier’s commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050 in the UK, and setting out the environmental management measures that they have in place and which will be in effect and utilised during the performance of the contract. It is likley that all publically funded organisations will now follow suit and apply this selection criteria as part of their procurement selection process - most likely with a much lower value threshold. Furthermore, as more and more private sector businesses commit to 'Net Zero' by 2050 at the latest, and regardless of their central Government tender activity, they too will need to address the 'greening' of their supply chain. Bidding suppliers will increasingly therefore have to publish their 'Net Zero' roadmap including their own Scope 1, 2 and crucially 3 (upstream/downstream) emissions reduction plans as part of any tender eligibility process.