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Are you a business located in the Isle of Wight, Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent or Essex areas? The Low Carbon Across the South & East (LoCASE) programme is supported by the European Regional Development Fund. Its aim is to help businesses become more competitive and profitable while protecting the environment and encouraging low carbon solutions. Eligible SME businesses are able to unlock 60/40 matched funding for energy efficiency or environmental improvements to their operations. Additionally, businesses in the low carbon/environmental sectors - including companies that install or sell green products or services, such as plumbing, electrical, waste, landscaping, environmental management and assessment, architecture, construction and water can apply for funding to cover; • Marketing and website • Covid-19 recovery • IT, software and phone systems • Tools and equipment • Plant, machinery and facilities hire. • Consultancy • Product development. The LoCASE programme provides grants for businesses from £1,000 up to £10,000 (40% of qualifying expenditure - with the remainder 'matched' by your business) as well as training workshops and fully funded events. Register your interest today on our website.

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CLOSING SOON! Register your Interest Today for a Low Carbon Business Grant between £1000 - £10,000

If you would like to register your interest to receive a grant, please complete and submit the Eligibility Questionnaire on our website. Guidance is also available to help understand the variety of costs you might receive grant support towards. Any business can use this money toward having energy efficiency measures installed for their business. The grant can contribute to both the cost of materials or equipment and any installation. Projects which save on fuel/mileage are also acceptable. If your business offers low carbon (or 'green') goods or services, a business development grant is also available to you. You can claim against costs such as marketing, consultancy, equipment, IT software, product/process development, accreditation and certification. Visit our website;

Steps To Environmental Management (STEM) Workshops

The Steps To Environmental Management (STEM) workshops can help your business operate in a more environmentally friendly way, save money and win new business.The STEM scheme helps businesses to improve their environmental performance - and for smaller businesses in particular is a useful framework and accreditation towards achieving 'net zero'. STEM has 3 levels - blue, silver and gold. These levels correspond to the 3 phases of the National Standard BS 8555. Each level takes about 4 months to complete and we estimate that businesses can reach gold level in around 12 months. Some businesses may be able to achieve this faster if they have already started improving their environmental performance. STEM Blue: A business that has top management support for its environment programme and has carried out a baseline assessment of their current situation. STEM Silver: A business that has measured its carbon footprint and taken action to reduce it. The business has identified the resources, legal requirements, training and communications needed for its environmental programme. STEM Gold: A business that is measuring and monitoring its environmental impacts and has taken action to reduce them. The business has reported its progress to Low Carbon Kent and other stakeholders. Regular workshops are offered 'online' free of charge and focus on each of the three stages of the scheme in turn so you are able to progress at your own speed. Alternatively, you can be provided the material to work through in your own time. Businesses that complete each level of the scheme to receive an electronic certificate and a logo they can use to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to the environment. Please see our website for upcoming workshops;


Innovation, R&D and growth support to help low carbon / environmental sector companies develop new products and services is available via the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform and other regional universities. The University’s Green Growth Platform is an award-winning green business-innovation network on a mission to help create robust, future-proof businesses that minimise their impact on the planet. How we help We provide businesses developing clean and green products, services and processes with: • Access to university facilities and expertise • Commercialisation advice, coaching and workshops • An investment readiness programme Businesses can work with us at any stage of their innovation journey, from early concept development to taking a new product or service to market. The Green Growth Platform is the South East Regional Hub of Clean Growth UK, a national business-innovation network that has collectively supported 1000s of businesses across the UK to innovate and grow. Clean Growth UK has hubs in Brighton, Liverpool and Portsmouth. To find out more about how the Green Growth Platform can help you, the events we run and how to join us, visit Clean Growth UK at